The Sun is a Peach

Encaustic is a technique of painting using hot wax mixed with pigments which has fascinated me for some time. Beeswax is the preferred wax, and encaustic pigment sticks are the preferred colorants, and if you shop for all the supplies and tools you need to use this medium they will take a serious, bleeding bite out of your budget.

I don’t even have a budget for art supplies right now, which leads me to doing one of the things at which I excel:  using whatever is available to create things.   Here is where my parents and I differed in our maker’s philosophy,  leading to  frowns and discouraging remarks and the label “careless” to my persistent experimental habits.

This is why I cherish that label:  because everything I ever made that was good began with that restless determination to make it work, without waiting for everything to be ordered properly or learned correctly.

I began this painting with acrylics sometime last summer, and lost interest in because it was so timid and blah. It couldn’t get any worse, so I went back over it with encaustic, genie-style.   Just a blow torch, wax, and oil paints.





About genieearle

I make things in my tiny studio called Claywise, as I try to understand the world I live in, and what it means to be human. I have 4 amazing offspring who are making their own paths, and I am currently an outpatient counselor at a drug and alcohol rehab center, where we do expressive arts in group therapy. View all posts by genieearle

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