To Mindy and Patrick

The trunk is unloaded and the wedding finery put away, and everyone has gone back to school and jobs today.  I am left to myself and re-living all the highs and lows of the past few days, and of course thinking of all the things I wish had said or done, as is my usual introspective habit. (I’m learning to deal with my initial regrets by giving myself another chance to express what is in my heart.)

I wish I had taken more pictures!  I also wish I had remembered that my phone takes pretty decent video, so that I could have recorded the amazing ceremony that my daughters wrote together.  Allison did an amazing job officiating her sister’s wedding. I am so proud of her!


I wish I had gotten more pictures of the lovely venue, Greenbank Mill, on the outside (even if it was 92 degrees outside)…. I know her photographer did, so, I will have to wait for those pictures.

I wish I had told her father how much I appreciated his support of her non-traditional wedding plans…I know that could not have been easy for him.

I hope I told my dear friend Julie how happy was to see her again after so long, and to know that my girls are still in        her heart is such a blessing to me, and that I long to re-connect with her.IMAG0088









I tried to tell Michelle how grateful I was of her taking over the decorating.  Everything detail was incredibly beautiful and fun, and Mindy loved it.

And thank you for buying extra pies. Because I really wish I had not left the homemade pies in the same room with Kingsley……IMAG0071




(If you look closely at the chocolate pies, some of  the edges are slightly, um, removed)

024 021 022 023 025 018020 We all had a chance to paint a leaf on on their new family tree….








And most of all, I hope I conveyed to my daughter and new son-in-law  how proud I am of them.  They really worked together  as a team and catered ALL the food themselves!  I’m so proud of their abilities, and the happy life they are making for themselves. I love you both so very much!IMAG0113 IMAG0115 IMAG0116 IMAG0127 IMAG0128


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