I am a maker of things.  I started out with cookies and eclairs and bread.  I made 4 babies, and then moved on to art:  paintings, and gravity-defying clay sculpture; mugs and bowls. Lately, I’ve returned to bread and cookies, for survival.  I need to get my hands back into clay and drippy colors on my front porch studio, while the weather is good. I need to remember some things I have forgotten.


2 responses to “About

  • Sandra

    Hi Genie, My name is Sandra Presley, after googling for a ceramic teacher in Cleveland I found you:). Do you still teach classes? I would love to talk to you tomorrow sometime if you’re not too busy — Monday is fine too— just remembered it is Easter weekend and most people have a life. My family is working this weekend however, so if you want to call, just feel free anytime – I live in charleston, just north of Cleveland, 423-336-2320 home, 423-715-5782-cell. Thank you! Sandra

    • genieearle

      Hi Sandra! Thanks for your interest! I teach at Cleveland state Community college right now,so check out the catalog for Clay 1 and 2. I will also let you know when my own studio is up and running for private classes.

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